Make any gas boiler go smart!

A boiler management solution with a focus on preventive maintenance to enter a world where cold showers and icy rooms are only a matter of choice.

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How Bcheck works?

  • Mounts on the outside of your boiler
  • Continuously reading its behavior
  • Get a warning when something happens

Plug and play, non-invasive, bcheck tracks the performance and efficiency
of every kind of gas boiler.

Bcheck Casing


We don’t want your customers to have their boilers drive their lives anymore, and your company life too.

bCheck integrates with

  • Maintenance companies

    Operational efficiency
    Team confort
    Energy efficiency

  • Property Manager

    Operational efficiency
    Energy efficiency

  • Insurers

    Operational efficiency

  • Social Housing

    Operational efficiency
    Team confort
    Energy efficiency

  • Utility Companies

    Operational efficiency
    Energy efficiency

  • And You!

    Energy efficiency
    Peace of mind



Detect a breakdown on a boiler 48h before the customer experiences any discomfort. You can easily anticipate, schedule and prepare a technician at the right time.

Records of
data collected

1.05 B

Optimization is another key to improving your field. Since the birth of bcheck, we already collected over 1 billion measurements. This leads us to providing more and more useful insights for your customers.

in Europe


We are already in 6 different countries in Europe and are ready to take on new frontiers.

Product specifications

How easy is it to install bcheck

Almost too easy !

No technical knowledge is required, bcheck is installed in a few steps in less than 15 minutes. Simple instructions are included in the box.

What happens when a breakdown is detected?

We warn you!

The first line of communication is triggered by our platform that continuously monitor the health of your boiler. Once our systems detect a defect, a warning is raised on the monitoring platform, allowing you to immediately take action.

Can I install bcheck on any brand of boiler?


Because bcheck requires no complicated connectors or wiring, it allows a completely universal approach to the monitoring of boiler. Today, our focus is on wall mounted combi boilers, but we are working hard on increasing the number of potential applications.

And what about my privacy?

You are safe!

Our algorithms do not collect personal usage patterns associated with you or your family. When a technical issue is detected or predicted, we will contact your boiler service provider, and only then, information concerning the actual boiler at hand will be passed on. We make sure your privacy is fully protected.

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