Boiler Shutdowns: Five Situations a Boiler User Can Face

Published March 19, 2020 

Even if there are several types of individual gas boilers on the market, most boiler failures are more or less the same. We will now have a look on the most common*:



Situation 1: If your boiler leaks, the following reasons might be linked to it:

  Low water pressure

  Sealing problems


Situation 2: If you don’t have hot water or no water at all, this can be the result of:

The presence of an airlock in your system

A frozen condensate pipe

The failure of a motorised valve


Situation 3: If you hear noises coming from your boiler, it can be due to two causes:

The low pressure of air in the system;

When it occurs, it is recommended to bleed your radiators.

The boiling of water in the heat exchanger (kittling)


Situation 4: If you experience temperature issues, you must know that:

A broken thermostat will prevent you from measuring the water temperature

Your boiler can shut down if it overheats


Situation 5: If your boiler shuts down, it can be due to:

A broken pump which won’t allow the water to circulate around the system

A broken PCB

A broken 3 way-valves motor/actuator


The thing is that it is difficult to predict a breakdown and take the right actions to avoid a complete halt of the machine… unless you acquired and installed Indi by bcheck on your boiler! bcheck will always do its best to warn you to avoid any discomfort or, at least, to help you fix the problem as soon as possible!


*This is by no means a complete list of boiler breakdowns.


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