Brussels – Impact of Covid-19 on PLAGE Program

Published April 23, 2020
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A month ago, we published an article about the mandatory PLAGE program in Brussels gathering all information property portfolio owners, big companies, associations, federal authorities and public authorities need to know to comply with this obligation and work for a sustainable future.

As a reminder, this program, planned to be accomplished over 3 years, became mandatory since the 1st of July 2019 in Belgium capital city with the launch of the program’s first stage. This plan aims at reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 30% before 2025, – compared with 1990 -, and doubling renewable energy.

The first stage – also called ‘identifying stage’ – was initially intended to be completed by the 30th of June 2020. It consists in assigning a PLAGE coordinator for your buildings – the contact person in charge of the changes conducted within the framework of PLAGE.

Covid-19: additional time

Due to the recent outbreak of Covid-19 and the strict preventive measures the Belgian Government took to protect its citizens, the Brussels Regional Government has decided to “ temporarily suspend all mandatory deadlines (deadlines which cannot normally be extended) and the time limit for appeals set out in all Brussels legislation and regulations (or adopted under that -ci), as well as public inquiries.”*

So, this suspension is valid from the 16th of March 2020 for a minimum period of 30 days (renewable twice), and is valid for all pending procedures and new files introduced. This suspension runs until the end of the current lockdown situation in Belgium and could be extended or reviewed any time.


PLAGE: what does change concretely?

The identification phase: the deadline for appointing your PLAGE Coordinator and for providing the PLAGE and Energy Manager training certificates are extended by one month. This period will be reviewed according the evolution of the current situation.

The training scheduled for April 27 is postponed to the 22nd of June 2020, this date may change. Interested parties will be informed by email.


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