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Published March 12, 2020

What does PLAGE mean?
Everyone knows that climate change is a serious global concern. Brussels shows its dedication in this fight by taking serious measures towards a sustainable future due to the growing threat of global warming. One of its actions is called PLAGE and stands for Plan Local d’Action pour la Gestion Énergétique in French and Plan voor Lokale Actie voor het Gebruik van Energie in Dutch, – set up by Brussels Environment. This program became mandatory since the 1st of July 2019 in Belgium capital city with the launch of the program’s first stage. This plan aims at reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 30% before 2025, – compared with 1990 -, and doubling renewable energy use.


Who is affected by PLAGE?
In Brussels:
• Any property portfolio, companies or associations that are greater or equal to 100 000 m².
• Any federal authority or federated entity from 250m².
• Any other public authority that is greater or equal to 50 000 m².

PLAGE is not mandatory in Belgium’s other regions, however, it is highly recommended to apply it.


Which one of my buildings (owner or not) are affected by the restrictions?
• Buildings located in Brussels region.
• Structures that are part of a property portfolio greater or equal to 250 m², even if they are empty.


What is expected from you…?
PLAGE requires you to reduce your energy consumption. However, the obligations are only procedural. Indeed, the government expects you to reach a defined goal and results but lets you choose and implements the actions.

In brief, you must establish a plan that will help you to reach your goals over a period of 3 year. The first stage – also called ‘identifying stage’ – must be completed by the 30th of June 2020. It consists in assigning a PLAGE coordinator for your buildings – the contact person in charge of the changes conducted within the framework of PLAGE.


How can bcheck help you?
bcheck offers two devices, INDI for individual boilers and COLL for collective heating systems, that can help you to reduce your energy consumption by tracking your boilers’ performance and optimising their use. By optimising your energy consumption, you may also reduce your bill and maintenance costs!


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