Change Your Thermostat Settings in Summer

Published July 9, 2020


Temperatures are rising since a few weeks, as summer has ticked now. This means that the heating period is over in Europe. Do you know how and why to set up your boiler to the summer mode? Let’s have a quick look!

Before giving you some tips, it is essential to remind that a boiler does not take into account the seasons or the external temperatures. Indeed, a boiler works as you set the thermostat up: it will start running when the temperature of a room is inferior to the programmed temperature. So, if you do not change your thermostat setting in summer, your boiler will continue to run as programmed in winter. You may wonder why this would be a problem: in the mornings the temperatures can be low or if your house is well isolated than your rooms will probably be colder than the outside temperature, therefore your heating is likely to be switched on.


Here are some tips*:

      • Set up your thermostat to 16°C.
      • Set the flow temperature of your installation to the lowest possible level.
      • Don’t completely switch off your boiler. If you don’t demand heating, even at 16°C your boiler won’t consume energy.
      • If you go on holiday for a few days, you don’t need to shut off your boiler for the same reason as mentioned at point 3.
      • If you go on holiday for a long period of time, then it is recommended to shut off the boiler.
      • Use the “summer mode” of your boiler.


Summer is the ideal period of the year to do your boiler’s maintenance. We recommend checking your three-way valves in order to avoid any inconvenience next winter or ask for a bcheck which will let you know if you will need some specific maintenance for your three-way valve(s). With bcheck, you can also set up an alarm to know exactly when the boiler is working in the summer!

A friendly reminder

Don’t forget that in Belgium, the periodical control is mandatory:

      • Every year for an oil-sourced boiler regardless of the Region.
      • Brussels Capital Region: all gas boilers must be controlled (PEB) every 2 years.
      • Flemish region: equal to or above 20kW gas boilers, the control must be done every 2 years.
      • Walloon region:
      • every 2 years for gas boilers with a power greater than 100kW.
      • every 3 years for gas boilers with a power less than or equal to 100 kW.

At the end of summer, don’t forget to configure your boiler’s and thermostat’s parameters for winter!

There is always something to do regarding energy efficiency and bills

 whether in summer or winter!



*This list of tips is by no means a complete list.