Cogeneration & bcheck: Let’s Boost Your Assets!

Published May 14, 2020


Practical information

Cogeneration, cogen unit or combined heat and power (CHP)

What?            A cogeneration produces simultaneously heat and electricity[1]

Why?        The generation of heat and electricity at the same time by a single unit with one fuel is more efficient and cost-effective than using for heating and electricity from the grid.

Where?         Cogen can be used everywhere and by everyone from households to large industrial complexes

When?           Anytime

How?              Cogeneration should start first and be backed-up by a boiler.


5 advantages of CHP’s

1. Increased energy efficiency

A cogen unit is up to 40% more efficient than having just one boiler for heating and to take electricity from the grid.

2. Reduced energy costs

Not only cogeneration means less primary energy, but it also reduces your energy bill!

3. Lowered emissions

Cogeneration is reported to save 200M tonnes of CO2 in Europe1

4. Flexible electricity and heat source

Compared with solar and wind powers, cogeneration is a more reliable and flexible source of power as it does not rely on weather. In addition, it can be put on or off whenever needed. Besides, the power generated by a cogen unit can be directly used by the end-user!

5. Cogeneration can be green

Did you know that cogeneration can be fuelled by renewable fuels like?


What if your cogeneration could produce more with bcheck?

By looking at the previous information, you can see that cogeneration is a highly efficient heating and electricity (power) supply. But it is also a complex installation prone to interruptions. Thanks to bcheck’s monitoring solutions, it is possible to get insight into the machine’s performance and behaviour and take measures to optimise it. For example, a cogen unit should run as the first energy production. By monitoring the cogeneration and the boiler with bcheck, the user will know those are running and if it is at the correct time:

Does it start on time when the required heat demand calls for it?

Is my cogeneration always running before the boiler?

Does it develop unusual vibrations or temperatures over time?

Cogeneration is quite an expensive installation, there are lots of benefits to ensure its proper functioning to gain a good return on investment. Monitoring will help you to have a view on what the system is doing to confirm that the setup/configuration is functioning as expected. Don’t wait more to get the most out of your device with bcheck!

bcheck, the monitoring solution for CHP owners.

Let’s boost your assets!






[1], last retrieved May 6, 2020 at 11 a.m.