Periodic Control vs. Boiler Maintenance

Published April 2, 2020

First of all, do you know the difference between periodic control and maintenance?

Well, the maintenance of your individual boiler or central heating system consists in a deep cleaning of the combustion area of the heat generator. Whereas, periodic control consists in checking up the proper operation of the installation.

What you should keep in mind:

In Belgium

    • The maintenance of boilers is not mandatory.
    • The periodic control is mandatory by law*.


But why is it that important to maintain your boiler?


To respect the government recommendations

Overall, maintenance is recommended at least once a year for individual gas boilers and on average every two years for gas central heating systems to avoid the numerous discomfort it can cause to households.

As far as gas heating systems are concerned, the law requires mandatory periodic control for:

Brussels Capital Region: all gas boilers must be controlled (PEB) every 2 years.

Flemish region: equal to or above 20kW, the control must be done every 2 years.

Walloon region:

        • every 2 years for gas boilers with a power greater than 100kW.
        • every 3 years for gas boilers with a power less than or equal to 100 kW.


To avoid breakdown in winter

Temperatures are low during winter and it is the last time in the year during which you would like to take a cold shower or to freeze on your couch or at the office. Do you know that 3 way-valves often tend to lead to breakdowns, especially during winter? At bcheck, we can detect 3 way-valves issues before it causes serious damage to the installation, including during summer!


To extend the boiler’s lifespan

With bcheck you don’t necessarily need to invest in a new wall-mounted boiler or central heating system! By opting for bcheck, you will be able to optimise your heating system’s performance and usage.


To increase both the world and your personal security

As you may know, heating produces carbon emissions that pollute the world and carbon monoxide which is a toxic gas that can intoxicate you if it is not controlled.


To save money

By monitoring your heating system with bcheck, when possible, you will receive recommendations on how to lower your bills. Moreover, early detection of defective parts or disfunctions will prevent your heating system from getting greater damage. This way you would be able to avoid paying greater replacement fee. For example, regarding 3 way-valves, as mentioned above: by detecting an issue early you can save more than 300 euros on average!


It’s obvious that being meticulous in the maintenance and control of your heating system would bring you lots of benefits and comfort. If you have a property portfolio, this would definitely increase the satisfaction of your tenants. The same goes for companies, taking care of your buildings’ heating systems would show that you also take care of your employees’ health and comfort at work!


Don’t forget: bcheck developed a remote monitoring solution which allows you to keep an eye on your heating system’s performance! ?


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