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Published June 18, 2020

There are lots of types of valves in the industrial sector, but the one that interests us is the three-way valve (3WV) which is an essential component of your boiler.

As you may know a 3 way-valve controls the flow of three separate fluid lines. It is a T-shaped valve which function is to gather the 3 pipes of the water circuit. The first pipe feeds the heat exchanger for the domestic hot water, the one you use when you take a shower or when you cook for example. The second pipe is connected to your heating system, so to your radiators. The third one is the one that leaves the boiler burner circuit and is used to feed one of the two tubes mentioned above.

The 3-way valves can have different roles:

Regulating the flow of water (hot or cold)

Regulating the temperature of the liquid which passes through a system

Shutting off flow to one pipe

Mixing two of the liquids that are sent to the system

The 3-way valve is undoubtedly a component of significant importance in a heating system. It is often completed by an actuator connected to a controller to know when to open or close a valve.

The three-way valves are said to be responsible for more than 50% of boiler breakdowns. Indeed, a poor quality of water, the lack of maintenance or a bad boiler usage can damage a three-way valve and cause a boiler breakdown consequently. This is why bcheck recommends cleaning 3-way valves before it exerts excessive force on the motor/actuator and before it eventually breaks or blocks it. A blocked motor can damage the boiler’s motherboard or controller. Last but not least, by adding bcheck’s monitoring device on your boiler, we can tell you when to do your 3-way valve maintenance and make sure that you would save hundred of euros by avoiding a breakdown or bigger damage.

Finally, valves may be of small sizes, but they are definitely important parts of your heating system. Don’t let small pieces do big damage to your boiler! With bcheck, you can see small anomalies before they grow up and end up by breaking down. This will not only make you save money, but it will also ensure you comfort!

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